Case Study

End-to-End Content Solutions for a Leading Online Portal

The client is one of the leading online retailers of photo, video and audio equipment, catering to the needs of professional photographers and videographers across the globe. The client required over 1,000 high-quality product content pieces every month for its online portal, as it would help visitors make informed purchasing decisions. Moreover, they needed a unified content solution with over 95.5% accuracy.

  • Evolving as a one-stop solution provider with valuable product content
  • Dealing with inadequate repository of product content
  • Incurring high labor costs
  • Coping with competitors’ product offerings
Solution and Approach

Lumina Datamatics combined the client’s e-commerce platform with a flexible collaboration process framework to produce rich product content:

  • Deployed a skilled workforce of electronic, computer, and mechanical engineers to produce high-quality product content across multiple product categories
  • Sourced information from manufacturer’s websites to ensure factual accuracy
  • Deployed a dedicated editorial team to maintain accuracy and a quick turnaround time
  • Offered standardized product descriptions that included product titles, selling points, features, and specifications
  • Developed an effective workflow to support various stages of the process
  • Uploaded the final output (product content) onto the client’s CMS

As the client required product content with over 95% accuracy, Lumina Datamatics utilized the following approach:

  • Trained engineers on various products and then conducted a POC
  • Worked with the client to define quality parameters
  • Worked closely with the client’s IT team to improvise its CMS functionality
  • Evolved as a one-stop solution for end-to-end catalog content deployment


  • Reduced overall labor and operational costs by over 50%
  • Achieved the required growth target
  • Received high-quality content that helped inform visitors about the products


Lumina Datamatics delivered over 1,000 high-quality consumer-centric product contents every month, while maintaining a high turnaround time (TAT). The project is seen as resounding success with measurable improvements in the effectiveness of the client’s overall consumer experience. It has helped Lumina Datamatics in fostering a long-term relation with the client for its future editorial projects.