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Just the way the superheroes are unique but have their own quirks, the eRetail customers are also very unique. Their expectations, demands and their choices are unique in their own ways and understanding them better can help retailers give a better shopping experiences to customers.

Lumina Datamatics has a FREE health checkup for retailers worldwide to check how ‘strong’ their website is and whether it can stand all these avenged shoppers or not !!


GROWTH STORIES FOR eRETAILERS. You can be a part of it too!!

  • Building omnichannel commerce store for a leading retailer with 5000+ products and 100+ categories

  • Digital Employee Engagement Platform for improving employee collaboration & productivity @ 70% reduced TCO for a global corporation

  • Global e-commerce platform improving top line and bottom line for a Coating products company

  • Helping build a future state marketplace for one of the world’s largest retailers and online marketplaces

  • Developed a collaborative Taxonomy Management Platform that helps the world’s top 10 retailers create a new Global Product Classification standard along with GS1

  • Increased online sales and visibility through an integrated e-commerce & digital marketing platform for a global information company

  • Digital Marketing Portal leading to 200% increase in online revenue within 6 months for a U.S based Semiconductor company