Freelance Management System


Recent reports suggest freelance workers will constitute 40% of the US workforce by 2020. Therefore, large enterprises will need to leverage technology to manage their freelance workforce and identify quality resources for faster services at a lower cost.

This includes the many publishers who are not exempt to this rising phenomenon.

ExpertSource is a cloud-based sourcing platform designed to connect publishers with experienced publishing professionals with qualified skill sets within a short turnaround time. Through ExpertSource, publishers can interact with publishing specialists (authors, copy editors, proofreaders, indexers, designers, artists, etc.); evaluate their skill levels; manage it; and generate invoices for payment. This system provides a dashboard as a means to check on a project’s status as well as availability of freelancers.

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  • Freelancer registration
  • Administration of assessment tests
  • Acceptance post evaluation
  • Completion of registration including contact details and skill details

Work Allocation

  • Browse, review and select freelancers
  • Identify based on skill sets and rating
  • Allocate work by push or pull system
  • Allocation based on requirement/process
  • Re-allocate assignments if required


  • Review work
  • Rate freelancers on performance
  • Approve for invoicing
  • Connect to your systems through APIs


Instant access to captive freelance pool

Reduce time to hire

Scale business in quick time

Manage every aspect of your freelance workforce

Improves freelance productivity