Digital Services

Transforming Manufacturing – Digitally

Digital technologies are influencing manufacturers at every stage of their innovation lifecycle. Organizations are fast realizing the tremendous business value that technology offers, right from overcoming information paucity and improving operational visibility to gaining insights into customer and market needs for enhancing their innovation efforts.

Lumina Datamatics helps organizations harness the power of technology, enabling them to engage digitally with their customers, employees and business partners. Our range of digital capabilities can also reduce costs while ramping up speed.



Digital Production & Content Services

Deliver content anywhere and anytime, more quickly and efficiently.

Mobility Solutions

Leverage mobile technologies to accelerate decision-making, streamline operations and boost sales.

Big Data Analytics

Derive actionable insights to help enhance customer service and drive sales.


Manage your brand reputation, connect with consumers and run personalized, targeted campaigns.

Digital Production & Content Services

Digital technology is transforming how manufacturers communicate and share information with customers, employees and business partners. With Lumina Datamatics, you can deliver any content, anytime and anywhere more quickly and efficiently.

Content Production

• Design
• Digital content development
• Motion/Animation
• Template Creation & Coding
• Translation & Localization
• Quality Assurance & Testing


Content Management Services

• Document Management
• Taxonomy and Metadata Management
• Digital Rights Management
•Tagging & Analytics
• Content Migration/Repurposing


Content Platform

• Portal Solutions


Mobility Solutions

The mobile revolution has transformed the way how businesses engage with customers, employees and partners. Organizations across industries, such as manufacturing, are leveraging mobile technologies to optimize business processes, improve employee productivity, boost sales, and enhance customer service.

Lumina Datamatics offers a host of mobility consulting and support services for leading platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.


Mobile Strategy

Mobility is much more than just developing mobile apps and making your website and internal portals mobile-friendly.


Design and User XP

Mobility solutions enable manufacturers to engage with customers, employees and partners to enhance customer service, boost productivity and foster innovation.


Mobile Apps

Lumina Datamatics has the experience and capabilities required to develop highly customized mobile applications that can


Mobile Testing

The dynamic nature of the enterprise mobility landscape coupled with the lack of standardized mobile testing guidelines could result in poorly implemented solutions.

Big Data & Analytics 

Lumina Datamatics empowers manufacturers with Big Data & Analytics Solutions to help optimize processes, increase yield, boost sales and improve profit margins. Our Big Data Solutions offer predictive and transformative analytics that enable you to enhance every facet of your complex manufacturing process, right from planning and production to sales and shipment.

Data Integration and Transformation

Manufacturers have large volumes of untapped structured and unstructured data in disparate systems. Lumina Datamatics acquires, aggregates, organizes and integrates data sets from multiple sources to optimize search and ensure easy access.

We offer a gamut of features and functionalities, such as reporting, dashboarding, ad hoc queries, MS Office Integration, Search based BI and Mobile intelligence, to transform the data into information, thereby helping manufacturers make rapid, real-time decisions.

Data Analysis

We offer nifty tools that enable manufacturers to analyze data effectively, and derive actionable and profitable insights. Our tools include Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Predictive Modeling and Data Mining, Scorecard and Machine Learning.


Manufacturers can leverage our Big Data & Analytics Solutions to:

• Reduce costs and time-to-market
• Centralize data from multiple sources
• Identify operational inefficiencies and inconsistencies
• Boost employee transparency
• Track employee productivity
• Measure individual performances
• Drive sales efficiency
• Detect and prevent fraud
• Get customer insights
• Make informed and smart data-driven decisions


“Listen” to what is being said about your brand, service or company by millions of consumers online. Our social command center solutions will help you manage your brand reputation, design targeted campaigns, uncover opportunities and spot threats on social media channels.



Sentiment Analysis

• Helps gauge the broad level feedback on any product/service/company or even on any topic/issue

• Aids in identifying key influencers & top hashtags for targeted marketing

Trend Analysis

• Identifies the most effective channel for marketing and customized campaigns

• Facilitates real-time analysis

• Aids in proactive marketing decisions

Social search

• Facilitates post-level micro analysis by providing sentiments for each social mention

• Helps organizations get direct, candid and real-time feedback