3 Things, Publishers Think About?

Increasing Market Visibility

With millions of books coming to the market every year and the billions already on the shelves, increasing the visibility of the book in the middle of the crowd is a key challenge to the publishers. One of the key areas for publishers to concentrate is to make their books visible on a web search.

Boosting Book Sales

With recent mergers and acquisitions, publishing has become a tough competition ground for most publishers, especially small and mid-sized. In such a competitive scenario, increasing book sales and selling more is the prime objective of a publisher and of course, a tough task too.

Measuring Performance

Publishers have a need to understand the various metrics of business such as outreach, sales as well as the actual return-on-investment. With stringent budgets in hand and heavy competition out in market, it is inevitable for publishers to spend wise. Identifying the right areas to invest in is an important task for the publishers.


Readbox is an automated publishing marketing and distribution system that provides avenues for publishers to simplify their sales and marketing processes using a data-driven approach and tap into the large network of readers more effectively. Readbox stands as a perfect solution for publishers to increase visibility of their books in the market, sell more and gain insights on business.

Metadata Optimization

Read box optimises the keywords of your books to increase visibility on a web search. Our solution performs an automated full text analysis to identify approporiate keywords in the content. The keyword list is further enhanced by searching identified websites like thesarus.com, wikipedia for synonyms. Keywords of similar books in the market are also analysed to build up the keyword list of the book.

Bundle Creator / Group Offer

With Readbox, you could combine a series of eBooks into anthologies. Be it preparing a new title for a conference or a quick bundle promo on a specific topic of interest, with Readbox your new book or bundle is just few clicks away. Our highly automated bundle creator comes with various features such as cover, imprint, table of contents, author pages etc.

Social Media Management

Readbox acts as a single solution to automate all your promotions via social channels. Allocate and monitor social media budgets, track performance of your campaigns to find which channel is effective, offer discounts and coupons, and many more. Our valuable insights provide important data to maximize your reach in the best possible way.

Book Previews

Send out advanced reader copies to journalists, bloggers, media in a single click of a button. Readbox automates the process of sending out reader copies and book previews to your database of contacts. With our inbuilt analytics and tracking system, you gain insights about the usage of the copies like number of pages read, number of times the advance copies were read, devices used etc. You could also set up triggers and send out automated reminders.

Automated Landing Page

Creating landing pages for your book promos or web pages for your books or authors’ profile pages are not tedious task anymore. All your web and promo pages are just a click away and you could create and embed buy links for your books automatically. With the author pages, you could leverage the authors’ network and increase engagement of authors in promoting your books.

In-Book Marketing

Our in-book marketing enables you to embed dynamic ads within books with which you could promote similar books or offer discounts to your readers. The adverts could be a simple line / metadata  about your book or a full page ad with cover and brief description. It’s an easy-to-use system that provides recommendations to customers, with direct purchase links to the suggested titles.

Daily Trend Analysis

You don’t have to wait for the month end or the year end to see how well your sales or marketing efforts have performed. With Readbox, you get an instant report or a daily view on your dash board about overall sales, individual book sales, marketing effectiveness, budgets, competition tracking and many more.We understand not everyone in your organization is interested in same information – our dashboard is completely customizable so that users could configure their reports.

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