A Cloud-based Solution that Syncs your Publishing Value Chain 

The publishing value chain calls for various professionals to work in sync, which is no easy feat.

But with the help of Lumina Datamatics’ CAPS, publishers can stay ahead of the game.

The Power of CAPS

Lumina Datamatics’ CAPS is a cloud-based authoring and production platform that enables publishers to create, edit and proofread content, and deliver across print, online & digital channels.

An end-to-end publishing solution, CAPS allows you to control your e-book and print production in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


  • Automated, customizable pre-editing solutions

  • XHTML Cloud-based copyediting environment

  • Embeds images, videos, and interactive graphs

  • Real-time MathML equation creation and editing

  • Blackbox XML conversion and auto-pagination

  • Integrates a large bank of licensed & license-free images

  • Real-time tracking and report generation

  • Allows multi-platform review

  • Responsive design


Streamlines production and gives an inside view of the entire production cycle

Boosts efficiency and improves turnaround time

Customizable and seamlessly integrates with third-party systems

Check project status anytime, anywhere

Requires minimal training time & Cost-effective