Case Study

Improving Customer Engagement with High-Quality SEO Content

One of the largest online marketplaces in the world, the client was searching for a high-quality and unique editorial content that adhered to the best SEO practices. The content had to be interesting and informative enough to draw the attention of readers and rank higher on search engine results page (SERP).

  • A wide range of categories—a total of 15,000 categories with unique titles and numbers
  • 500, 300, and 100 word variations of texts with primary key words
  • Utilization of 10, 5, or 2 relevant secondary key words without getting blacklisted
  • Optimal keyword density without affecting the reading fluency of the text
Solution and Approach

As an end-to-end e-retail service and solution provider, with a strong focus on client requirements, Lumina Datamatics helps provide high-quality, unique SEO content by

  • carefully researching each category to collect and compile information
  • accommodating up to 10 secondary key words on each page to meet the key word density
  • testing the SEO key word density and arrangement using search engine technology
  • defining the key words based on the structure and seamlessly incorporating them for maximum key word coverage
  • ensuring quality control by checking for factual and grammatical errors
  • obtaining client feedback through regular telephone conferences and implementing suggested changes

Lumina Datamatics has set down the following as an approach:

  • Establishing a team of SEO specialists and experienced content writers and editors
  • Ensuring the team had a personal interest in specific categories including fashion, films, antique jewelry, office supplies, and sporting goods
  • Ensuring that each writer was allocated the category closest to his or her personal interest to get the best possible descriptions


  • High-quality, SEO-enriched content
  • Better ranking on SERPs
  • Increase in the flow of visitors
  • Improvement in customer engagement
  • Increase in revisits


The client received a unique SEO content that increased the number of visitors to its marketplace. Moreover, the high-quality and useful content led to improved customer engagement, which in turn resulted in increased conversion rates and repeated visits.