Case Study

Creating a Customised Solution to Streamline Journal Production

A leading publisher of several scientific journals (published thrice per month) placed the production of their most widely read journals with Lumina Datamatics. While the publisher needed copy editing services, simultaneously, they also wanted to do some of the copy editing in-house.

Lumina Datamatics’s main challenge was to create an automated workflow platform that would allow the publisher’s copy editors to work in tandem with copy editors from Lumina Datamatics and integrate seamlessly with the highly automated production process, to ensure shorter time to market.

  • Lumina Datamatics engineered a system that enables all the copy editors to work in a collaborative work flow that integrates XML conversion, copy editing, and production
  • Lumina Datamatics also designed and put in place customized staffing and training programs for these journals
  • The publisher’s copy editors were trained on the editing software that feeds into the journal’s highly automated composition system

Working with Lumina Datamatics’s team, the publisher’s copy editors were able to fully utilize the automated features that Lumina Datamatics’s research and development team had built into the editing environment.


  • Customized workflow and technology systems
  • High-quality editing
  • Faster publication
  • Smooth and error-free production experience


This process reduced the production cycle for the publisher from months to days and has provided a smooth, error-free production experience. Recently, the publisher decided to renew Lumina Datamatics’s contract, but even more importantly, decided to award Lumina Datamatics with another of their journals.