Case Study

Creating High-Quality, Engaging Educational Content

A leading pre K–12 publisher required a comprehensive set of services from concepts to deliverables for a state-customized elementary science program for grades K–5. The goal of the project was to develop age-appropriate, yet appealing, teacher and student material for each grade in compliance with state-specific standards.

Solution and Approach

Lumina Datamatics tailored a full-service solution for the publisher, seamlessly integrating editorial, design, project management, photo research, and production services while effectively leveraging the width and depth of its U.S.-based and offshore resources.

  • A multidisciplinary, multilocation team was created, which included a product development group, project managers, designers, photo researchers, and production staff based in various Lumina Datamatics facilities in the United States and India
  • Several members of Lumina Datamatics’ editorial group used their prior teaching experience to effectively develop high-quality, grade-appropriate, pedagogically sound content that fulfilled state-specific standards
  • The design team worked closely with the editorial group to develop innovative visual instructions to simplify the teaching of difficult concepts and to engage students with stunning imagery
  • The project being largely image-driven, the photo researchers partnered with the design and editorial group to conceptualize, acquire, and track images. They also worked to secure permissions from scores of illustrators, major stock image agencies, and smaller specialized sources using Lumina Datamatics’ proprietary tool—RightPhoto engine. At the production stage, the team used highly automated workflows to ensure it deliver high-quality output within the stipulated time frame
  • The project management team demonstrated superior project management skills throughout the project, right from the conception through to the delivery, and served as the point of contact for the publisher
  • Effective staffing plans, work flows, production schedules, and project budgets were created during the planning stages and followed through to the execution phase

This collaboration between the teams culminated in the development of beautiful, content-rich pages for multiple grade levels, all customized to each state’s requirements and compliant with state standards: all of which completed on an extremely aggressive schedule.



Lumina Datamatics’ full-service solution enabled the publisher to

  • create high-quality, engaging, and pedagogically sound content that fulfilled state-specific standards
  • reduce operational costs and turnaround time for developing best-in-class educational products