Case Study

Moving to a New Era of Digitization with Interactive e-Books

Established in 1534, the client is one of the largest university presses in the world. It has a presence on six continents and publishes over 45,000 titles by authors from 100 countries.

Content is accepted in various digital means today, and interactive e-books are one such medium that provides exciting experience by converting plain books to e-books. The client wanted to move toward this digitization that made the publishing process easy, interesting, and responsive. Lumina Datamatics with its domain expertise in developing e-books was commissioned to help the client fulfill its vision.

The client wanted to enhance its product line and create interactive e-books using ePub 3. Moreover, the client needed the e-books to be compatible with iPads, have easy functionality, have the same look and feel of the input file (fixed layout), maintain a simple user interface, and have interactive assessments with a data storage facility that could ultimately lead to faster conversion and publication.

  • Making functionalities compatible with iPads
  • Creating 350 exercises with user interaction in a shorter TAT
  • Working within a fixed layout of ePub 3
  • Creating templates for each and every activity within a given time frame
  • Maintaining high-resolution images with reduced file size
  • Different coding for assessing, storing, and retrieving user inputs
  • Creating a large number of asset files
Solution and Approach

The client turned to Lumina Datamatics for its ability to convert data into dynamic digital content. Lumina Datamatics with its years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals partnered with the client to address its business challenges and continuously improve profitability.

Lumina Datamatics immediately devised a plan in accordance with time-sensitive nature of the project:

  • Converting content from PDF and other sources to e-books
  • Adding interactive features to e-books
  • Creating a template for similar type of exercises to reduce time
  • Offering assessments of each activity with scores
  • Special coding for storing and retrieving test entries
  • Ensuring image quality without increasing the file size
  • Validating every activity to ensure there was no repetition of the asset files

Using automated data extraction-comparison engine technology and conversion tests, Lumina Datamatics converted PDF and other files to e-books. Lumina Datamatics worked with the fixed layout of ePub 3, extracted the pop-up screen content separately, and created an HTML output for it. A core team of developers implemented interactive activities like large call-out text on the page/pop-up with JavaScript in the ePub file. Developers wrote special codes for storing and retrieving test entries by the end user. As the process of creating an activity was time consuming, Lumina Datamatics created templates for activities mentioned earlier. It also performed quality and functionality checks on all the interactive activities using UI texture.

A team of designers ensured that all the functionalities worked properly and also high-resolution images are maintained on iPads. Each and every new activity was validated while implementing interactive activities to ensure that there was no duplication of asset files.


  • Empowered the client to provide an engaging and effective learning experience
  • Increased adoption of the client’s content through digital media
  • Enabled the client to expand its current product offering
  • Reduced 20% of production TAT
  • Enabled students to access textbooks anywhere, anytime from an iOS device
  • Enabled creation of an e-book with the same look-and-feel of input files


Lumina Datamatics’s expertise in creating e-books helped the client launch its IELT interactive e-books- in the market for various sources rapidly and at a competitive price, while maintaining the expected level of quality.