Case Study

Helping the Indie Publishing Industry Grow with Digitization

The client was one of the leading e-book distribution networks that has been helping authors navigate the new era of self-publishing. With the advent of indie publishing, there is an increased demand for conversion from multiple source types to different e-book formats.

The client needed conversion services from PDF and other source types to e-book formats such as ePub 2.0, ePub 2.0 fixed layout for iPad, and ePub 3.0 for iPad.

  • Multiple source types and format variations due to the self-publishing market, which is dependent on the author’s knowledge of publishing software
  • Handling huge volume within a short span of time
  • Developing a cost-effective method for the self-publishing market channel
  • Developing skill-set for operators to meet the changing specifications and market demands
  • Changing e-book and device specifications
Solution and Approach

Lumina Datamatics combined its knowledge of technology, e-book processes, and quality tool sets to develop an integrated, minimal, and manual intervention tool set design to convert the incoming files to e-books. Lumina Datamatics proposed a proof of concept (POC) that was based on .NET and PERL scripting. The tool set allowed the complete work flow to be mapped and managed from multiple sources and output types.

Using automated data extraction-comparison engine technology and conversion tool sets, Lumina Datamatics was quickly able to meet the demands of this tricky conversion. Special quality-control tool sets and checklists combined with expert skill sets enabled Lumina Datamatics’s e-book groups to handle this complex job in a short turnaround time in addition to being cost effective.


  • Lower cost
  • Higher volume within a shorter turnaround time
  • Standardized work flow and streamlined processes to meet the required quality standards


Today, Lumina Datamatics supports conversion of over 1 million pages annually for this client. Also, the output to other device-specific formats such as KF8 and Apple Fixed Layouts has been added over a period of time. The client has seen its business grow at over 100% and has chosen Lumina Datamatics to be its strategic partner for all e-book operations.