Case Study

Content Enhancement for a Leading American Legal Publisher

Based in the United States, the client is a market leader in legal business information services solutions, with an integrated print and online offering. It provides a plethora of statutory content targeted at government law enforcement agencies such as the judiciary, tax, accounting, academic, risk compliance, and assessment departments.

The client works with its preferred vendors to review and update its repository of legal documents. Although essential to all attorneys in the United States, state code products require certain revisions in the core reference material targeted at law firms that specialize in jurisdictional disputes.


The client’s repository of legal source files had needed to be judiciously searched and improved. The process primarily includedthe following:

  • Act Load Charting: Ensuring converted source files are properly tagged and loaded into the client’s master repository known as act load verification (ALV). Reviewing new legislations and their effect on the statutory codes.
  • Note Creation and Placement: Creating annotations for automatic/manual placement in the statutory code contents. These annotations would need to be scripted to assist customer interpretation on various legislative changes.
  • Proof Review: Necessitating updates in the appropriate style and format, as outlined by the style guide. Various reference checks on the statutory contents would have to be conducted to validate legislative references.
Solution and Approach

Based on its experience in managing legal content, Lumina Datamatics offered the following solution:

  • Successfully deploying a pool of qualified legal content personnel who were able to process different source inputs provided by the client
  • Delivering over 3,500 legal code sections every month
  • Ensuring multiple capabilities; providing fully parsed, valid XML master files; PDF rendering of the files; and maintenance of an online VISF version of legal publications

As the process required an accuracy of 98.8% in the state code process and 99.3% for the replacement volume process, Lumina Datamatics effectively identified many opportunities under each complex legal category:

  • Used the client’s central repository to record all communications pertaining to every statutory amendment
  • Appropriately tagged and loaded the converted source into the client’s master repository
  • Checked the effective date and end date by which the change took place and was made official
  • Followed state-specific rules of editing and style pertaining to multiple amendments of the same code section
  • Verified and validated each link in the source file


Lumina Datamatics delivered over 35,000 revised statutory code sections to the client annually. The team has satisfactorily maintained the highest quality standards, encouraging the client to consider further engagements for its other legal content projects.