Competency Based Education

Standardized learning has been at the epicenter of the education industry. While it has its benefits, it does have its drawbacks. With its limited scope and learning, it doesn’t measure a student’s full potential. Growth should be measured throughout a course, as opposed to a single test. Motivation, support and smart insights are central to a student’s success. With Competency Based Education (CBE), students will have access to a personalized learning program to master their skills at their own pace, leading to superior results.

Competency Based Education

CBE allows students to progress by proving their competence. Students must demonstrate their mastery over the skills and knowledge, regardless of how long it takes. Once the student has demonstrated this knowledge in the particular course, they move to the next level. In essence, it focuses on the principal needs of the student.

Benefits of CBE

Self-Paced Learning

The students can learn at their own pace and they are not confined to a fixed learning schedule. When the student proves their superior dexterity over the subject, they are accredited for it and move to the next phase. For working students, this could prove to be beneficial as they could work around their schedule.

Superior Engagement

One of the main outcomes of this form of learning is higher student engagement. Personalized ownership over the material allows students to learn more. CBE is customized to fit each student, by incorporating a variety of learning styles. This leads to better knowledge retention.

Skills – Based

CBE programs can be designed around certain fields, depending on the need of the student. Students will gain expertise in the designated field and be ‘workplace ready’ on completion of the module/course. CBE offers students a path to a successful career.


One of the key aspects of this program is its affordability. Costs for a regular standardized education have risen and CBE offers a substantial cost-effective path. It eliminates operational expenditures and results in lower tuition fees.

What We Offer

Smart Content

We provide Instructional Design, Subject Matter Expertise, Content Development, and Open Educational Resource Curation to the world’s top learning companies.

Media Design

We create beautiful, functional, and engaging media. Our strengths include UX/UI design, art creation, video and animation and interactive design.


We create powerful, predictive, and adaptive assessment with Subject Matter Experts and SmartTest Technology (our AI-assisted assessment service).

Data & Analytics

Our analytics offering makes it easy to track student performance. Use data to meet learners where they are (and take them where they want to be).


We can help you scale with dedicated project management, agile and transparent workflows, and proprietary authoring tools.

Simulation-Based Learning

Lumina’s Virtual Classroom allows students to learn-by-doing in a device-agnostic, fully interactive environment.

CBE is a continuous ‘improvement methodology’ that provides that extra dimension to the student. At Lumina Datamatics, we drive students towards their targeted outcomes.