Freelance Management System


In recent years, the rise of the freelance economy has become apparent and has shown no signs of slowing down. By the year 2020, it’s been estimated that freelancer workers will constitute 40% of the US workforce. Simply put, businesses across the world have to be ready to adapt with the times to meet the demands of their customers. Likewise, publishers need to meet their high demand for content by bridging the talent gap. By investing in a freelance management solution, they will be empowered to scale their businesses, drive efficiencies and enable quality work outcomes.

ExpertSource is a cloud-based workforce solution that connects publishers with experienced publishing professionals all across the world. Through ExpertSource, publishers can interact with publishing professionals (writers, copy editors, proofreaders, subject-matter experts, indexers, designers, artists, etc.), evaluate their skill levels; assign work; manage them; and generate invoices for payment. With the aid of an easy-to-use work console, publishers can identify potential freelancers for hire, monitor a project’s status or even reassign work as deemed necessary.






  • Freelancer registration
  • Administration of assessment tests
  • Acceptance post evaluation
  • Completion of registration including contact details and skill details

Work Allocation

  • Browse, review and select freelancers
  • Identify based on skill sets and rating
  • Allocate work by push or pull system
  • Allocation based on requirement/process
  • Re-allocate assignments if required


  • Review work
  • Rate freelancers on performance
  • Approve for invoicing
  • Connect to your systems through APIs


Instant access to captive freelance pool

Reduce time to hire

Scale business in quick time

Manage every aspect of your freelance workforce

Improves freelance productivity