About Handytrain

HandyTrain is a mobile platform that helps companies train 50 to 25,000 employees on mobile devices.Their solutions aims to slash training expenses, enable training in idle time, train staff across various geographies and linguistics, and crunch comprehensive training material  into bite-sized training modules accessible via mobile phones.


Minutes of Training





  • HandyTrain slashes budgets wasted in travel and accommodation (typically, over 75% of training budgets) which have no co-relation to training outcomes.

  • HandyTrain saves trainers the tyranny of juggling schedules of trainees and herding prople together in conference rooms.

  • HandyTrain profitably uses ‘dead time’. People can go through training while on a bus commute to work, during lunch break, or during off-peak hours at work.

  • It saves money wasted in printing reams of sales material, which usually dies in the storeroom of the branch office.

  • Content on HandyTrain is broken down into ‘bite-sized’,’easy-to-digest’ modules which aids retention. It uses gamification (leaderboards, contests, spot quizzes) to encourage competitive learning.

  • HandyTrain dramatically cuts down the energy required by HR to manage training.A supervisor can publish courses through a platform and monitor training effectiveness through a dashboard.

Why HandyTrain For Publishing?

This strategic partnership  can help our global publishing client base

Transforms e-publications into mobile training apps

Enhance writing skills through mobile training

Empower salesforce with latest tools

Induct employees even before they join

Update employees with global IPR norms

HandyTrain Success Stories

Trained 1000+ sales executives on 1000+ SKUs in 21 days

Trained 1,200+, retail sales executives to deliver 140% better test scores

Trained and assessed 1250 drivers via a multi-lingual training app

Trained 10,000 employees on regulatory norms and procedures for this large Indian private sector bank

Delivered product training for 3000+ Future Lifestyle executive on 30+ brands