London Book Fair 2018

Overcoming Publisher Challenges

The Publishing Industry is in constant flux and each of the publishers in their different segments such as STM & Journals, Education and Trade face varying challenges.


STM Books and Journal publishers are consistently striving to publish their scientific content effectively within a short turnaround time.

Lumina Datamatics enables STM Books and Journal publishers to execute the entire workflow seamlessly across print, online & digital channels, control escalating costs and track production in real time.

Download the case study below to understand how we helped improve publishing efficiencies for a leading society journal publisher.


Educational publishers are focused on student success by providing highly engaging and interactive learning materials that increases student engagement.

Lumina Datamatics’ adaptive learning and interactive media solutions takes personalized learning a step further by enabling students to develop their knowledge of the subject matter and improves their overall performance.

Download the case study below to understand how we implemented simulation-based skill training for improved learning outcomes.


Trade publishers are constantly on the lookout to enhance their revenues stream through eBook sales.

Lumina creates fixed KF8 layouts for Kindle devices and EPUBs for iPads to cater to the needs of publishers who require design-intensive and layout-oriented books. We produce any specific digital formats to suit any specific gadgets.

Download the case study below to understand how automation helped create eBooks from multiple source formats efficiently.

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