The digitization of content, technology advancements and emergence of new media has revolutionized the publishing industry. The Digital Era calls for newer, faster and more cost-effective publishing models to increase ROI and stay ahead of the rising competition. Lumina Datamatics offers a wide range of game-changing content and technology solutions & services that enable publishers to adapt to the digital revolution. Our solutions are customized to the ever changing demands of the following verticals in publishing.

The proliferation of pervasive media such as smartphones, e-readers and tablets has led to mass content creation. Publishers are expected to regularly create large amounts of relevant content without compromising on the quality. Lumina Datamatics, through its wide range of content solutions, enables publishers to deliver accurate, consistent and relevant content in a short turnaround time.

Content Development

Editorial and Enhancements

Design and Composition

Content Transformation

e-Books and New Media

Rights and Permissions

QA Services

Project Management and Full Services

Rampant digital disruption is compelling publishers to evolve and embrace technological advances. Publishers are striving to harness technology to deliver personalized, accurate and interactive content to multiple devices and in various formats. Leverage Lumina Datamatics’ customizable technology solutions to enjoy efficient end-to-end processes, faster time-to-market and multi-device output.

Big Data and Analytics

Portal Solutions

Software Development and Maintenance

Workflow Solutions

In the fast-paced digital publishing landscape, there is a growing need for publishers to embrace new media, revamp their processes, and cater to tech-savvy consumers. Lumina Datamatics offers customizable proprietary solutions that help publishers streamline their processes, develop personalized content, distribute content to various devices, and set compelling pricing strategies.





Smart Test



create and deliver personalized, intelligent and profitable content over multiple channels.


Customized solutions for organizations that publish, distribute or license state legislative & regulatory content.


Content and technology solutions for fiction, nonfiction and children’s books.

STM | Scholarly

Helping scholarly publishers enhance their user discovery experience and maximize profitability.


Find your way through the maze of managing rights and permissions with Lumina Datamatics’ web-based interface – RightsPlatform. You can leave it to our expert team of over 100 professionals to manage your rights and permissions, while your staff can take care of more critical tasks.

The user-friendly interface allows you to select no-cost or low-cost images by facilitating the process of managing owned images and using preferred vendors. RightsPlatform also enables you to efficiently and accurately manage the rights clearance process. You can also maximize profits by managing the budgets and schedules of projects through real-time data and reporting functions.