Social Command Center


Think Global. Act Social.
The impact of online conversations is no longer up for debates. And the one industry that is becoming increasingly vulnerable to the social media wrath is the ‘life sciences industry’. From a lag in delivery to a defunct product, customers primarily express their anguish onto social media platforms by tarnishing the goodwill of the brands. Especially in an industry like life sciences, where brand reputation plays a pivotal role in building trust with the customer, it is imperative for companies to build consistent engagement with the consumers.

Benefits Of The Solution

Lumina Datamatics provides a unique solution to the life sciences industry by creating and managing online communities for brand building and engagement, along with providing a one-stop social media analytics solution to listen and respond to grievances and positive responses of the customers.

The salient benefits of the solution are:

  • Creation of onshore/offshore dedicated centers to listen and react real time
  • Positive brand building by creating online communities
  • Focused product positioning
  • Market research about matured products in the market

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