Rising expectations from digitally empowered customers, disruptive technologies, and growing need to increase operational efficiency have created a technological revolution within the life sciences industry. Today, organizations are continuously grappling to surge ahead of the competition with the advent of technology. Lumina Datamatics helps life sciences companies with innovative patient-to-patient technologies that encompass digitized solutions for increased efficiency while reducing the TCO.

Regulatory Document Management System

Lumina Datamatics provides an end-to-end electronic regulatory document management system exclusively designed to enable life sciences companies to create, manage, and archive regulatory data in an effective and efficient manner.

Our solution helps global pharma, biotechnology, and medical devices companies to automate their end-to-end document life cycle from inception, authoring up to submission and archiving of regulatory documents.

Portal Development Services

In the current time, portals are the strategic touch points for the life sciences industry that are continuously scaling and driving customer engagement through a series of multiple systems.

Lumina Datamatics has a strong domain and technical knowledge for creating enterprise-wide responsive portals that integrate information, processes, and people through a unified access point. With functional expertise on multiple technologies, Lumina Datamatics ensures life sciences companies to manage relationships, content, operations, and performance while delivering a socially infused collaborative experience to its end users.

Our expertise lies in creation of:

  • Web portals
  • Franchise management platform
  • Digital employment engagement platform
  • Reputation management platform

Business Process Management

With stringent compliances and the increasing competition, organizations need to optimize internal workflows to increase operational efficiencies. Lumina Datamatics’ smart business process management (BPM) enables life sciences organizations to enhance business processes through smart enterprise workflow management with higher agility.
Our intelligent workflow design helps companies for:

  • Effective management of processes
  • Smarter governance
  • Increased collaborations among stakeholders
  • Better control of digital assets distribution

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The life science industry can take advantage of mobile technologies to promote real-time interactivity for faster decision-making. Enterprise mobility is pivotal for the industry for amplifying operational success along with improving the quality of “care”.

Life sciences organizations need to deploy mobile technology to its core business strategy for the ease of data accessibility and sharing. Lumina Datamatics provides end-to-end mobility solutions that can help pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, and CRO companies to:

  • Streamline clinical research
  • Improve patient monitoring
  • Maximize salesforce effectiveness
  • Increase customer engagement

Our mobility solutions include:

  • Enterprise mobility architecture
  • Product development
  • Mobile app development

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